4 Quick ways to add ‘proof’ to your start up website

Nigel Lamb, Managing Director of Xposure Creative and proud sponsor of the Pioneer10 programme shares 4 Quick ways to add ‘proof’ to your start up website.

When you first start out in business, you don’t have the testimonials and history to prove to potential clients you are the best person for their project. This makes it more difficult to sell your services or products to your target market.

So how can we get round this?

First of all put yourself in your buyers’ shoes. Try to think like them, look at your business and think what objections they may have choosing you over a competitor (especially if the competitor is well established).

List the objections down and then try these 4 quick ideas to see if you can use them to quash the objections.

1 Industry Research

Use research from your industry to prove your theories or methodology. Use the research to show that the product or service you provide has sound scientific grounding. That your methodology or way of working eliminates problems and improves quality. This is especially good if it shows that the competition is still doing it the old fashioned (flawed) way.

2 Collect Endorsements

You may not have any testimonials yet from satisfied customers as you are just starting, but you probably do have some good friends and acquaintances working for other companies that can endorse you. Ask them to highlight your strengths and work ethic and/or your problem solving mind.

By making the comments relevant to the product or service you provide, you can add these endorsements to your website and marketing material. If they work for a blue chip or locally recognised company it can do wonders to enhance your reputation.

3 Your Past Achievements

Don’t forget your past achievements. Have you won any other awards relevant to your business? Any training courses passed? Have you been published in an industry magazine or website? We all know the ‘As seen on TV’ statement. Also don’t forget your qualifications if relevant.

4 Guarantee

The final tip is to remove the risk. Can you offer a free trial or a risk free guarantee? Show the potential client you believe in your product or service 100%. Show them that you will remove the risk from their decision by offering a money back guarantee or equivalent.

To read more on this, visits the article on the Xposure Creative website here.


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