5 Key Steps to finding more customers

Andrew Seaward marketing consultant and trainer at Harborough based business To Market shares 5 Key Steps to Finding more Customers

Starting and then running your own business can be remarkably liberating and empowering. You can make quick decisions that are in the interests of the business. And you can follow your passion – hopefully! However the search for new customers is constant, as is the need to nurture them once you’ve got them! Looking after this element of your business will help ensure your business is successful.

Step 1: Who is your target market?

It is worth spending a little time analysing and thinking about your potential customers. What are they like? Where can you find them? What behaviours do they engage in? What do they want from your product or service? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you with your marketing.

Any form of marketing will need to be aimed at these targets. Then analyse your customers as they buy from you, to help pinpoint future marketing activity.

Step 2: Get the message out there

It is easy to assume that once you’ve set up your business, and got yourself a website, that customers will come running. Chances are they won’t. You know how good your business is, but how will they know?

You have to put your message out there, and keep putting it out there. You don’t want to be running the best business nobody has heard of.

There are many ways of marketing your new business. The good news is that most of them don’t involve much cash outlay, just a bit of time.

Step 3: Decide which methods of marketing are right for your business

There are many ways of getting your marketing message across. Some will be more suited to your business than others. You have an overwhelming selection. Local business networking, local PR, advertising, telephone marketing, e-mails, eflyers, face to face selling, seminars, exhibitions. And then of course there is social media. Should you be on Twitter? Or Facebook? Or LinkedIn?

Step 4: Your website

Do you need a website? In most cases the answer to this will be Yes. But how do you build it without spending large sums on it? Do you want to sell products through it?

What do you want your website to look like and what do you want it to say? Also consider the importance of keeping it updated. Should you do it? Or employ willing hands to help you?

Step 5: Strategy, structure and process

Have a structure to your marketing and sales activity. Working to a plan, your own plan will help you understand what works and what doesn’t. And given that it is your money going into the business, you’d want to know wouldn’t you?


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